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The Folly Revived – January Sun

At last then a long overdue catchup this time from St Lucia, where we are catching some rays and escaping from an English winter. I’ve never been to the a Caribbean before so it’s all new to me here and we have a lovely swim up room with our own little terrace.

Since October we’ve just done together stuff, like you do. We went to Vienna and Salzburg for a few days just before Christmas and Christmas itself came and went as it does. Pleasant enough but I was never really into Christmas and circumstances haven’t improved that, so post Christmas left us both a bit flat and this lovely break in the sun will recharge us.

I hardly dare say it but it looks likely that the apartment in France might actually become mine in not too long now. Only been waiting two years – the reason seemingly being inept English solicitors compounded with inept French ones.

So no dramatic changes, no disasters, just peaceful fun and happiness.