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The Folly Revived – Moving on. Gothenburg 15-18th March


Firstly, my apologies for a very overdue catch up on my life. I am very happy and content in Beastie Folly, travelling quite a lot, eating cake wherever we can and generally enjoying life, because that’s what it’s there for. At the moment I am invigilating exams most days so I only really get up to mischief at weekends. Today it is a cold, wet day in June and the perfect chance to write up some stories.

We decided we would like to see Andrea Bocelli and rather than wait for him to come to UK, we sought him out somewhere more interesting. So Gothenburg it was. Our hotel had been a palace in the past; it was a lovely building.The first day we spent exploring and soon discovered it was a very expensive place. We wandered around and found cosy tea rooms and the tropical house in the park. It wasn’t as cold as we thought it might be but it was a long way from warm, so tea,coffee and cake made a welcome stop (we shared this one, it had some kind of almond goo in the middle).We dressed up and treated ourselves to a glass of champagne before the concert on Saturday night. It was a very big arena and although we did enjoy it, we decided we would like to see him again in a more intimate setting if we get the chance.Sunday was forecast to be a cold day, getting worse and wetter. It was and did, so after a brisk walk to an old look out tower, we scuttled into the museum. I’m not much of a museum person but this place was very good and kept us amused for a few hours, well until tea and cake time. 😁 Then it was the last day and back home to the land of wine at less than £10 per glass.

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5 thoughts on “The Folly Revived – Moving on. Gothenburg 15-18th March

  1. Glad to see you are happy and content. You certainly look happy

  2. Chrissie–It is so good to see you again! I have thought of you often and hoped things were going well. You look wonderful, so, yes, things are going well. Much love.

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