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The Folly Revived. Spring 2019

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Another catch up of some of our adventures. We are soon to begin an epic driving trip which will need to be updated daily in the proper fashion, so this is a chance to get up to date.

First a lovely day out at Madresfield Court for their Daffodil Sunday. It’s a beautiful looking house and although I’ve still never been inside, I am trying to get that fixed. This day though we were looking at their lovely gardens.In April we had a quick trip to the apartment in France and this was our first night’s stop in Bethune.The next nights stop was in this Chateau.where we had dinner on the library with the Compte and Comptesse de Boisseau in the library. We weren’t expecting that 😳.We spent a day in Monte Carlo where they were starting to get ready for the Grand Prix.

We spent a day at an old favourite beach,went for a long walk and ate cake of course.Once we were back we had a sunny top down day out with the Porsche club with a drive to Broughton Castle and lunch on the grass.

Porsche on the Prom at Llandudno with fish and chips.Finally another Porsche day out to Chatsworth which is a proper palace.

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