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The French Italian Job. Wednesday

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I seemed to survive the night; someone thought I might just be a pile of ashes after spending a night in a convent. The plan today was to walk to town, get in a bit of culture, do a little shopping (maybe a dress, maybe a trinket), have taglieri for lunch, eat ice cream (a sad omission yesterday), stay in the shade and walk home again. We did it all. We didn’t achieve our 21,000 step record that we got on Monday but we got to 13,000 and it was hot 🥵. So far we’ve seen the oldest covered theatre, been round the Palladio Museum, looked at some paintings and churches and generally wondered why on earth people don’t seem to go to Vicenza.

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One thought on “The French Italian Job. Wednesday

  1. You do know how to have a vacation! Oh my–it does look really hot where you are–thank goodness for ice cream!

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