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The French Italian Job. Thursday

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Our first stop today was Villa Maser – we thought we ought to see a real Palladian villa as by now we knew so much about them.

There was a storm on its way so we sheltered in the carriage museum while it passed. Our next stop was Bassano Del Grappa where we had some lunch and stroll round. The last destination, Padua, was clearly where everyone went as it was a busy place with very poor parking and after 20 minutes or so of trawling round, we parked up in an odd underground garage marshalled by an odder little Italian man. As the car park shut at 7 we had less time to explore than I would have liked and in the end stayed only an hour or so. There was a spectacular sunset and Frosty quietly rested back at the convent overlooking Vicenza,

while we drank wine.

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One thought on “The French Italian Job. Thursday

  1. Frosty has quite the view.

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