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The French Italian Job. Friday

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It’s Friday so it must be Venice. A short journey this morning and we were in Venice by 11.30, where it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. Craig was not too happy about leaving the keys on the dash and walking away from the car park until he saw a Porsche GT2 parked up and decided he was being silly. (Look them up…£200,000..3…4?😮). The boat ride was easy, finding the hotel tricky, but we made it.This kind of holiday is a bit hard core and taxing to the best of relationships and I’m a great deal more used to it than he is. He’s picking it up well 🥰. It was very hot and we needed lunch, a drink and to find our way around. Even though this is my 6th visit I still get lost and confused. We were back out later to enjoy the evening.

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One thought on “The French Italian Job. Friday

  1. As this is somewhere I will never visit, it all looks fabulous to me!

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