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The French Italian Job Wednesday



We woke up quite sprightly this morning so Craig went off for a run at 7 while I laid in bed and had tea. We took it easy as it was so hot and went down to the pool for a swim and a snooze. We took Frosty into St Tropez late afternoon (he screamed like girl going down the ramp 😂- Craig, not Frosty) and chose a restaurant for a meal (for all round deliciousness and value for money went straight to the top of our league table). Then strolled around and walked up to the Citadelle to watch the sunset. It was still 32 at 9.30 but very lovely up there. As our Italian neighbours didn’t seem to understand the concept of a line we had to squeeze into our space in the garage with some help from security.

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3 thoughts on “The French Italian Job Wednesday

  1. Yikes! Frosty came through without a scratch?!

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