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The French Italian Job Thursday


Well, today was the day I was beginning to think would never happen. The “raison d’etre” for coming at this time of year.

I SIGNED THE PAPERWORK and the apartment is now mine. So a little trip to Frejus to find the Notaire who was really quite pleasant considering how inept she appears to have been. Wearing disco shoes, a leather skirt and a Rolex, I could see where my money had gone, but she kept Craig amused while he waited. A frighteningly simple affair, why in God’s name I needed to go there and sign it electronically I cannot imagine. Never mind…it is done and now I shall put it up for sale. Any plans we had for the journey home were abandoned as it was by now 38.5C. So home, cold water, salad and a cuppa. The wine came later with pizza and a sunset walk.

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2 thoughts on “The French Italian Job Thursday

  1. Not wanting to keep it for times like this to just get away?

  2. It costs a lot to keep and we have lots of plans. And I need the money 💵 😀

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