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The French Italian Job Saturday


It was a sweltering night and we both slept badly. A storm was forecast for late afternoon but it didn’t wait that long and we sitting on the loggia munching pizza when it arrived, dropping the temperature by a good 10C, but although it looked angry there was not much rain. More wine for lunch, Exception this time for old times sake,another sleep, waking just in time to greet the real storm ⛈ when there was a great deal of rain and lightening. And the day got better 😃. We walked out to Port Grimaud for a meal, only a mile or do up the road, what could go wrong? It was a miserable noisy place, the food when it came was cold and we were glad to get out and treat ourselves to an ice cream. We chose white chocolate and salted caramel just as a few spikes of lightening lit up the sky. A few licks later and down came the rain and didn’t it pour 😳. I’ve never eaten ice cream in the pouring rain before and we got home completely drenched, as did my phone, now liberatingly and permanently silent🤭.

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2 thoughts on “The French Italian Job Saturday

  1. Like the pizza, wine and ice cream. Not the drenched phone….. 😦

    • I took the phone into my little man in town and he fixed it for £5! I told him it wasn’t enough. It’s an ancient iPhone 6plus and it’s already had a new battery.

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