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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 23rd August 2017

Without a Beastie in my life you will see very few pictures of me. But I had my hair done today and I felt I looked half decent, if a little windblown, which is as good as it gets. Don’t expect me to look like this when you next see me as I can’t do what Mark does with the blow drying brush. My neighbour finished moving out and it looks like he’s gone now. I’ve still got two cats 🐱. They were far too scared of the removal van to get involved, but I’m glad their curiosity hasn’t whisked them off to Manchester with my neighbour. 

Groovy Word of the day : decamp


Tales from a Fractured Folly: 20th August 2017

It was a lovely morning and I was up and out early to go to Prescott Hill Climb for my first Porsche Breakfast club meet. It was the perfect morning for a drive with the roof down and we were provided with the  facilities of the Bugatti owners restaurant, so a full English Breakfast 🍳 . I wandered around and walked up the Hill Climb circuit and back. 

Then there was a drive to the Porsche Clubhouse in Moreton-in-the-Marsh, where we were given the opportunity to buy Porsche stuff, but I managed to resist the temptation of a Porsche shaped ice cube tray. Coming home I stopped in Broadway for lunch and a look in the shops. It was a good morning but in some ways it’s  more obvious you’re alone when you are out surrounded by people who are together.

Groovy Word of the day: jaunt

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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 19th August 2017

I wasn’t expecting to find all these on my walk today. Very impressive. Still confirming my original thought that Autumn is almost here. My neighbour helped me get the old chair into the car for the tip. Bertie had a fight in the road, one of those rolling balls of screeching cats and came home a bit shabby but unhurt. For some reason I feel a bit lost and lonely today.

Groovy Word of the day: forlorn 

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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 18th August 2017

I bought a new dinky little chair for the bedroom today. I have the problem of getting the old huge one downstairs but I am hoping I can rustle up a strong man to help me. I had breakfast with work colleagues this morning and felt confident enough to take Ruby with her top down. Coming home it was just spitting with rain and the sky looked ominous so whilst I was at some lights I bottled it and put the roof up. Five minutes later I was in a deluge of rain and could barely see where I was going. Now the sun is out in a clear blue sky again. 

Groovy Word of the day: souse

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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 17th August 2017

Is there a collective noun for campervans? You really need to zoom in on this pic to get the full effect. There are hundreds and hundreds of them all assembled for the Western Motorhome Show. While I was up on the hills I noticed the swifts charging around in the sky and I think they must be getting ready to leave, so summer is almost over for them.

Groovy Word of the day: drift (collective noun for swifts)