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Movie Of The Week – Penelope Cruz Makes her Directing Debut

Agent Provocateur benefit here from the directing debut of Penelope Cruz. Have a nice cup,of tea before you settle down to be woken up by this short film. PS my understanding is that the sunglasses are still at the prototype stage and not yet commercially available but I will update when I know more…


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Movie Of The Week – Ferrari Dino 208 GT4

This is another delightful video from Petrolicious – more than worthy of being our Movie of The Week.

The Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 is a unique car. Overshadowed by its bigger brother, the 308 GT4, the 208 was originally created to skirt under the Italian tax levied on engines above two liters. What the 208 GT4 lacks in displacement it makes up for in sound and style. For Bradley Price, designer and owner of Autodromo, the opportunity to acquire a practical “super car” of the ’70s with its famous wedge styling was too hard to ignore. After a year of ownership, Bradley can consistently be found escaping the city and revving the sweet-sounding V8 along the roads and hills of New York.

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