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A Walk Along Gigaro Beach

Today began lazily with tea and reading in bed. A combination of Biggles and Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes. Eventually though we showered and headed to the beach to enjoy some sunshine.

We headed for L’Escalet Beach but when we got the the hogey wagon wasn’t there so we would have got no lunch. We carried on to Gigaro Beach and parked outside a small cafe. Chocolate for P and coffee for P and a hot cheese and bacon baguette each.

It was lovely sitting by the sea having lunch warmed by the sun. We then decided to walk along the beach enjoying the beautiful scenery on offer.

We found a trail of rises along the seashore and speculated on the story behind them. Were they washed up from a boat or was it a lovers trail as they enjoyed a romantic evening stroll along the beach?

Soon after our walk began to climb along a delightful coastal path with stunning views over to the Porquerolles 4 miles off the coast.


  Eventually our walk took us inland past some vineyards before finally returning to the beach.

We sat down then for a few hours reading and grabbing photos. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.




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Walking Nietzsche’s Trail

Today we had an early start and drove just over an hour to Eze. This is a perched hill top village just outside of Monaco which stands some 450 metres above sea level. There is a trail which runs from the train station by the sea up to the hill top village called Nietzsche’s Trail. It is named after the famous philosopher who walked the trail regularly during a short stay he had at Eze. It was on these walks that he wrote much of his Also Sprach Zarathrusta work.

Our mission was to walk the trail from the beach up to the hill top village. To this end we drove to the village and parked at the top. We intended to get a taxi to run us to the bottom but none we available so we picked on a guy who was hanging around at the top and got him to run us down. The thing that struck both of us on the drive down was that it seemed a heck of a way up!

The first part of the walk was on Tarmac and lulled us into a false sense of security. However it quickly turned to stony steps!

At times I found it hard work but I saw it as a personal challenge. At times over the last 18 months I have hardly been able to walk due to side effects from the chemotherapy I have had and this has made me very unfit. Currently walking isn’t an issue but the fitness is. Anyway we marched on and enjoyed some fantastic scenery.

Gradually the top loomed closer and we were able to see the village perched above  us. This gave me renewed energy.


 Finally we made it. However, the clouds had dropped down and it was cooler so we sought sanctuary in an Italian restaurant in Eze and shared a pizza and a bolognaisse.

After lunch we walked back to the car which was parked just in front of the Galimard perfume shop. We popped in and I treated myself to Mezzanotte aftershave. I deserved a treat I thought.



A Walk Around St Tropez

Today we went into St Tropez for lunch and a stroll around the shops and port. We parked in the underground car park behind place des Lices and walked through to the famous boules square to find a second hand market in full swing. 

It certainly made for an interesting browse and it was a very different St Tropez to the one we see in high Summer.

From there we walked down a narrow shopping street to the port and P hit lucky two times and bagged herself a jacket that she wore straight out of the shop and also a new top. “I’m enjoying this” said Mrs P. 

We then walked around the harbour admiring the boats and looking for somewhere for lunch. I spotted this beautiful Citroen DS looking elegant from head to toe and certainly stealing the thunder from the newer Porsches and Ferraris that were vying for attention.

After this we grabbed an omelette for lunch, sneaked some cakes from Tarte Tropezienne and returned to our apartment for tea.

This just gave me time to upload this before we head off out again to the Irish bar so that I can get upset watching Man Utd get hammered by Man City. Life can be hard sometimes.

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A Walk Around Port Cogolin With Our Fuji XM-1 and 27mm Pancake Lens

After finishing work at 16.15 on Friday night we have driven down from Tewkesbury to Port Cogolin overnight and arrived a little before 12. It was an easy ride down and nothing like as tiring as I thought it might be. We unpacked, did a spring clean, went out for lunch and then did a food shop at the nearby hyper market. 

Chores done we took a walk around the port and had a play with our new pancake lens, which we had got as a walk around lens. These sooc photos tell us we are going to enjoy this lens!