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Fuji 27mm Pancake Lens

A new lens has been added to the armoury. The Fuji 27mm lens is for walkabout holiday photography when we don’t want bulky equipment just a small set up that will fit easily in a man bag or Mrs P’s handbag. Matched to our XM-1 this makes for a nice compact kit.


PhotoBeast adds a Fuji X-M1 To The Kit Bag

The Photography Show

On Saturday we went to The Photography Show at The NEC in Birmingham, to check out what was out there and to have a touchy feely look at a couple of Fuji products that we were interested in adding to our kit. A bit like a kid at Christmas, I was bursting with excitement but to prolong the thrill, I insisted that before we even went near the Fuji stand we had a wander around the show to see what was what. We were armed with our Fuji X-E1 matched to the 35mm 1.4 Fuji lens and on our travels saw a few photo opportunities to test the indoor high iso capabilities of our kit. Naturally it did not disappoint and Lady Peanut quickly grabbed a shot of me as I stood before a poster of a rather sexy lady. I can look not too shabby after a shed load of post processing, so I can live with her cheeky shot!

Next up we spotted a couple of colourful models on the Hasselblad stand and the Fuji X-E1 duly performed to get a couple of vivacious shots of said models. Continue reading

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New Camera Bag For A New Approach

A Billingham bag has now been acquired to carry the Beastie photo kit when we are out and about. This one is the Billingham Hadley Small, though in truth it is rather big for us as it will easliy carry all our current kit – a Canon 400 D Body, an 18-55mm kit lens a 50mm prime and a Sigma 70-300 zoom. As well as this it will fit an iPad, filters, spare batteries, an iPhone and a back up compact digital camera.

More importantly, it is not too big to be cumbersome and the crossover, messenger style of carrying suits me better than the bag or camera on the shoulder style, as they always slip off my shoulder. The intention moving forward is to go into the Four Thirds style of camera, with a Fuji X-E1 and the retro styling on this traditional looking bag will compliment the old school styling on the Fuji, which is similar in size and looks to the iconic Fuji X100. With a Four Thirds set up this bag will become more of a man bag than ever, with spare room for all the other paraphernalia essential on a day out on the streets.

Anyway we will give the bag a full field test over the weekend, but the real excitement here is that this is step one in a fundamental shift to our approach to photography. :)

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Fuji X-E1 Is Imminent

A Japanese site called Digicam Info first leaked pics of a previously unknown Fujifilm mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, the X-E1. The natty looking snapper bears a strong family resemblance to the X-Pro1 model, but looks to be flaunting a pop-up flash, and lacks the optical viewfinder of the flagship model. The sneaked pics show black and silver-topped models, as well as a previously announced lens, the 18-55 f/2.8-4.0 OIS zoom that has also yet to hit the market. No other details, such as price, are available yet, but the model will likely slot behind the X-Pro1 and ahead of the X100 to fill out the retro-look X-family.

PhotoReview have taken a first look at this beauty and it is worth checking out here.