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The Malverns – Close Up

Recently we took a walk in the Malvern Hills and tried to capture the beauty of the hills from a landscape point of view. You can see our results here. I think we did the hills justice on that occasion but generally we find it hard to capture the epic beauty of these hills in one photo. This weekend saw us back on the hills again and this time we tried to capture the hills in a different way. Close up and personal! I had textures in mind but as the photos from the day took shape it really became a collection of detail shots, seats, benches, logs, signs, moss, webs and so on. The hills then, are beautiful in an epic grand landscape kind of a way but also there is beauty to be found in the detail. Nature is quick to reclaim what is hers and in the same way that there was beauty to be found in the old fading and aging buildings of Venice, then there is beauty in the way that nature ages and absorbs. You can see this on old benches or on moss covered logs.

To conclude, we hope you enjoy this set but if you get a chance take a walk on the Malvern Hills and see if you can photograph the beauty and majesty of the hills.

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Venice – Textures

We are back home now and sifting through our photos from Venice and we are trying to give out a flavour of Venice. A number of themes jumped out at us while we were there that seem to reflect the essence of this magical city. “Lovers”, was our first theme which we have blogged already but we have a “Street” theme and a “Cityscape” theme to follow. As themes the last two when they appear are pretty self explanatory but another theme that kept on leaping out at us as we explored the narrow streets and canals was what we have called “Textures”. Venice is a city built on shifting sand, it is built on stilts. Brick is used a lot which is porous and light in weight and a stucco finish is often seen. Much of this is damaged by weather and water and the result is the most wonderful example of faded grandeur on the face of the planet.  I wrote about this in our holiday diary too – that the whole place nonetheless looks cared for and is clean and tidy. My Auntie Vera has scrubbed all the brickwork from top to bottom from one end of town to t’other! This legitimises the decay, it takes it out of the realms of the slum and elevates it to a unique splendour. To our eyes we see beauty in all the photographs in this set and it captures a side of Venice that we loved, adored and were fascinated by.