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Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring


This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is Spring. This weekend we went walking on Midsummer Hill in The malverns and were met with a glorious display of bluebells which left us in no doubt that Spring is in full flow. You can see the rest of the photos from our walk on our post Blog A Pic – Midsummer Hill on The Malverns.



Blog A Pic – Midsummer Hill on The Malverns


Last weekend we were walking on The Malvern Hills starting from Black Hill car park and shot some photographs of the bluebells there. This week – our third weekend on the trot walking the hills – we went to Midsummer Hill where an initial steep climb was rewarded with what in my view is the finest bluebell walk in the UK. It was simply beautiful up there and we have never seen so many bluebells before. The weather this year must have been perfect for them. We got up as if it was a school day, so 8 am saw us on the hills, in glorious sunshine and with lots of wildlife out and about. There was no-one else around and the birds were singing their hearts out, it was an exhilarating start to the day and we were very pleased with the photographs we shot. It was so lovely that we extended our walk to go around the other side of an old quarry before descending back to the car, so when we then headed to Malvern for a full English breakfast in The Foley Arms, we both felt that we had earned it. Lady P was especially please with a shot she grabbed which caught the sun beaming down through the trees.


Blog A Pic – Bluebells on The Malverns


Last weekend found us once more on our beloved Malvern Hills and this time we set out to capture the bluebells in all their glory as we walked up the hills from Black Hill car park. Swathes of blue were to be seen carpeting the hills underneath the trees, but the fun for us was trying to capture them in close up detail. they are beautiful and so delicate.









DSCF6938 - Version 3

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Blog A Pic – Bluebell Surprise

Lady P went up on the Malvern Hills today to collect some fresh spring water and was pleasantly surprised to see the bluebells in full bloom. They looked lovely, so we popped back this evening to try to capture them on camera. After the long drab winter we have had it is amazing how a bit of sunshine and nature in full bloom is so uplifting for the soul.  Click the photographs for a small slideshow.