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Holiday Diary Port Cogolin July 2014 Day Seven

Friday 1st August 2014 and Saturday 2nd August 2014

Another lazy start with no real plan in place, and that was fine, but it makes you realize the value of plans. Without one you drift and achieve very little. You have no direction or purpose and the same is true of all of life. We have a focus in our lives which is to enjoy every moment and that involves planning so the end result is fun filled days. It is very easy to drift through life with no fixed goal and find that you have lost so much time, time that will be gone forever.

Anyway over breakfast we made a plan to go to our favourite beach along from L’Escalet which involves a bit of walking. As it is quite hot at this time of year we thought we would go in the afternoon when it was cooling down for the day. So we treated ourselves to lunch at the restaurant downstairs, and we do enjoy a nice lunch in France.

At L’Escalet we managed to park up near the start of the footpath and saved ourselves quite a lot of walking. You approach our little beach from the rocks above and make your way down some steps to the sand. So we stopped at the top and sought out our spot. It was not too crowded but there were a number of nudists around, as there often are on that beach.

We had a great time,  with a bit of swimming, a snooze in the sun and then just when we had started to get restless, Joy of Joys the ice cream  boat appeared. Needless to say we had very little cash on us but for once, enough for a kiddies ice cream each! Result!  Now the appearance of the ice cream boat creates what to me is a quite surreal image, as you can see from the photograph below. A St Tropez tanned topless lady motors in on a boat selling ice cream, doughnuts and champagne and the normal business of ice cream selling and exchanging pleasantries gets underway. It all quickly seems to be the norm, though in my case PeeWee says No!

It was lovely going to the beach a bit later, I wish we had done that more often. It is not quite so hot when you are carrying your bags back to the car and these little things all make it more fun. On the way home Mrs P suddenly decided that she fancied steak and chips for dinner. So that’s what she had in Baou Baou’s and I had one too though with a delicious pepper sauce. It was nice not cooking, especially coming home that bit later than we often do.

That in a sense was the end of the holiday for us. On Saturday we got up and basically gave the apartment a good clean from top to bottom. We had no cash left by now, so we opted to go to McDonald’s for a burger before heading off for home at 7pm. We had a superb drive home through the night and were able to catch a very early train across the Tunnel and got back to Beastie Folly in the Malverns just after 11 on Sunday morning. Plenty of time then to unpack, unwind and say hello to Alfie and Ola who had been in cat prison for a week. The cries in the car from those two as we brought them home was heartbreaking but as soon as they were home they were happy!

A lovely, lovely, restful holiday. Thanks for dropping by. Beastie and Peanut x.