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Fuji X-E1 and Flash


The Fuji X-E1 has without doubt put the fun back into photography for myself and Mrs P. Certain tools or gadgets give a very enjoyable tactile experience and I think you either get this or you don’t. Apple understand this and you get this using an iPhone or an iPad – not only are they great tools for the job they do, but they are nice to touch, to handle and to hold. The Fuji X range of cameras has this quality about them and like the Apple products the Fuji cameras ooze quality. The pleasure to be had from simply using the Fuji X-E1 has made us want to photograph more things more often and to stretch ourselves that bit further. This camera suits us perfectly for the way we like to photograph and what we like to photograph. It is a perfect vacation camera, but to explain that better take a look at Patrick’s take on this at here. Indeed the whole topic of why we photograph and to what end is a blog in itself, which in truth I intend to write shortly – but for now, I want to look at what is coming next on our Fuji adventure. Continue reading