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Blog A Pic – Sunrise On The Malverns, The Longest Day


It has long been a wish of Mrs P to see the sun rise on the Malvern Hills on the longest day but she is a sleepy head and the actual deed  had eluded her. But of late our mission is to turn dreams into realities and this was one of those wishes that needed to be addressed. The Sumer Solstice this year was on a Saturday morning and the weather forecast was perfect, so the plan was hatched. We would take a selection of French breakfast pastries and a flask of Bellini to see in the day, and a blanket to sit on

Having discovered that Sunrise was in fact 4.48 and dawn was about 45 minutes before that, we decided to get up at 3.45, drive to Black Hill car park on the other side of the hill and make our way to the crest of the hills in time for sunrise.


We had panned to sit at our regular picnic place but once there, we were not sure quite where the sun would rise and if we were in the wrong place we would not have  had time to move, and to miss the sunrise having got up so early would have been dreadful. So we walked a little further up the hill and sat and waited. It was quite light and the horizon was tinted orange with no real idea of where the sun would rise. But as the minutes passed it soon became obvious, and a shaft of light lit the sky upwards from where the sun would later emerge. Then followed a pool of orange light stretching along the ground in the far distance, where the sun had already risen. Then finally we saw the tip of the sun peep over the horizon. It was quite exhilarating and it seems quite reasonable to worship the sun as the giver of life when you sit and watch it rise.


Despite the beautiful weather it was very cold and windy on the hills so by this time we were both wrapped in the blanket, snuggled together toasting the sun on its new day with our Bellini cocktail. It took a very short time for the sun to be fully above the horizon, it moves quite fast when you have something to measure it by.

We bade farewell to the sun and walked back down the hill to the car, for a quick blast home on an empty road. Once home we made a cup of tea and took it back to bed. Job done and we were both very pleased that we had made the effort to see this wonderful sight. We were quite pleased with these photos as we feel we have captured some of the sun’s awe and the epic qualities of a truly wonderful sunrise.



Blog A Pic – Midsummer Hill on The Malverns


Last weekend we were walking on The Malvern Hills starting from Black Hill car park and shot some photographs of the bluebells there. This week – our third weekend on the trot walking the hills – we went to Midsummer Hill where an initial steep climb was rewarded with what in my view is the finest bluebell walk in the UK. It was simply beautiful up there and we have never seen so many bluebells before. The weather this year must have been perfect for them. We got up as if it was a school day, so 8 am saw us on the hills, in glorious sunshine and with lots of wildlife out and about. There was no-one else around and the birds were singing their hearts out, it was an exhilarating start to the day and we were very pleased with the photographs we shot. It was so lovely that we extended our walk to go around the other side of an old quarry before descending back to the car, so when we then headed to Malvern for a full English breakfast in The Foley Arms, we both felt that we had earned it. Lady P was especially please with a shot she grabbed which caught the sun beaming down through the trees.


Blog A Pic – Bluebells on The Malverns


Last weekend found us once more on our beloved Malvern Hills and this time we set out to capture the bluebells in all their glory as we walked up the hills from Black Hill car park. Swathes of blue were to be seen carpeting the hills underneath the trees, but the fun for us was trying to capture them in close up detail. they are beautiful and so delicate.









DSCF6938 - Version 3


Blog A Pic – A Walk In The Malverns


Good Friday saw a lovely bright sun in the sky, so after a lazy morning and a sausage butty, we headed out for a smallish walk. One of our favourite walks when we don’t want something too strenuous is to head for the pond at Golden Valley in Castle Morton and do a two and a half mile walk which is a loop heading southish to the road, turning right to the hills and right again just in front of the hills and back across the common to the pond. It is a lovely walk, not steep and overflowing with beautiful scenery. Check out the cluster of orange trees in the photo above. Sheep wander freely across the common and it is a joy to walk amongst them. Finally check out the new home that has emerged phoenix like from the ashes of the old farmhouse that was there but burned down. I would love that house!

We had a camera each, The X-M1 and the X-E1, one armed with the 18-55 zoom lens and the other with the gorgeous 35mm 1.4 prime lens. Between us we feel we have captured a little of the beauty and warmth that is the Malvern Hills landscape.

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The Malverns – Close Up

Recently we took a walk in the Malvern Hills and tried to capture the beauty of the hills from a landscape point of view. You can see our results here. I think we did the hills justice on that occasion but generally we find it hard to capture the epic beauty of these hills in one photo. This weekend saw us back on the hills again and this time we tried to capture the hills in a different way. Close up and personal! I had textures in mind but as the photos from the day took shape it really became a collection of detail shots, seats, benches, logs, signs, moss, webs and so on. The hills then, are beautiful in an epic grand landscape kind of a way but also there is beauty to be found in the detail. Nature is quick to reclaim what is hers and in the same way that there was beauty to be found in the old fading and aging buildings of Venice, then there is beauty in the way that nature ages and absorbs. You can see this on old benches or on moss covered logs.

To conclude, we hope you enjoy this set but if you get a chance take a walk on the Malvern Hills and see if you can photograph the beauty and majesty of the hills.

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Blog A Pic – A Walk Over The Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills

Mrs P was working a night shift last night and came home at half past 8 this Sunday morning. The forecast was for sunny weather so we made a plan to go straight out, and walk over The Malvern Hils from our house on the Malvern side of the hills to The Kettle Sings for Breakfast on the Colwall side of the hills. Continue reading