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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 349-360/366

These last few days have been hard work for Worth and Gates. Worth has been struggling with extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and just generally feeling lousy- too poorly to even concentrate on writing antics, less still to get up to any. Gates has been the stalwart right hand man she always is but she too could not summon up the necessary enthusiasm to get the job done.

So they apologise for not keeping their followers up to date and allowing them to worry. But they are still marching on, trackless towards a very sure and certain destination, but with no timescale.

These days have seen a splendid array of friends who have come to visit and cheer Worth up, which they do immensely. And although it might seem to them that they tire him  out, in fact they perk him up and give him some focus for a laugh and a joke. As a result of this they have many gifts of sweets, chocolates and flowers to brighten up the Folly. 

Worth has also bought Gates a small toy soldier to keep her safe come the day when he is not around to advise her. He is a brave bold chap and will travel with Gates wherever she goes, but for now he sits on the mantelpiece infusing himself with essence of Worth, preparing himself for his new role. It is a big role to fill.

Christmas Day was also Gates’s birthday and she was pleased that both her son and daughter were around to help with preparations for their Christmas meal. 

They also had the added distraction of the District Nurse coming every day to refill Worth’s syringe driver with his medication, so their meal was in the end a bit later than they had planned. 

So perhaps not an inspiring entry but undoubtedly better than last Christmas, which has probably gone unrecorded but was a great deal of pain for Worth, no Christmas meal for Gates and disappointment for both. So Happy Christmas to all those who read this indulgent blog and Worth and Gates wish you all the best for the New Year.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 346,347/366

After a hectic weekend in London the antics really slowed down for Worth and Gates on Sunday and Monday. Late mornings followed by lazy afternoons were in order so they could recharge their batteries. Worth discovered that soup made an ideal lunch for him and settled well, or at least better than most things. 

Groovy Word of the day: epicurean 

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 343/366

Thursday saw Gates and Worth head to Bicester shopping village where they went for two things a Hamilton watch and a hand bag – both for Gates.

They had seen the watch before so it was just a case of making sure it was still there. It was so they got it and Worth who had had his eye on this watch for Gates for simply ages was delighted. Gates too fell in love with it and a little bit in love with Worth’s enthusiasm. 

They had a lovely lunch though Worh could only manage three quarters of his soup Gates had all her sandwich. Next stop Vivienne Westwood and Gates saw just what she wanted, so job done.

They came home tired but satisfied with their trip.

Groovy Word of the day is “fortuitous”.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 328/366

Worth was less than a 100% fit when he woke so they simplified their plans. Originally they were going to Worcester to The Victorian Market. Instead they opted for Great Malvern which also had a Street market on.

Gates said the market was in the Winter Gardens which nestle below The Festival Theatre. Worth doubted this and to Worth’s chagrin, he was proved right and so was rewarded with a steep climb up to the theatre. Still Autumnal colours abounded in the garden and he got some great snaps on his iPhone.

They rested in the theatre before carrying on. They popped into their jewellers to say hello to the owner and exchange Mille Miglia and other car stories together. He had a Morgan which with three other cars was on display right in front of his shop.

Next was a walk straight up Church Street past the vintage car display until they came to the Bluebird tea shop for lunch. From here they walked around the Abbey gardens where most of the Victorian stalls could be found.

A pleasant afternoon ran into a lazy evening Of Strictly and Modus on the TV.

Groovy Word of the day is “ardent.”

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 326/366

As well as the infusion of chemotherapy yesterday, Worth also takes a tablet form too. There are side effects, such as tingling fingers, tingling toes and tingling mouth. Cold drinks kick it off in the mouth or metal on the fingers such as door handles. The there is the swinging from constipation to the other extreme. 

If you let it, it will get you down. Sometimes Worth suffers this but Gates is always around to pick him up. In this photograph Worth had insisted on checking his bird out. Gates will always play along. She loves it when Worth is larking about, chasing a laugh, hunting down a giggle. Sometimes though he gets tired and she misses her silly Worth. So here he is checking her ears for levelness. Fortunately they are as wonky as ever and Worth is delightfully pleased by this. 

He likes to summon Gates to sit near him, where he can touch her and talk to her and Gates loves the intimacy created. Such little displays are so important and Worth and Gates never want to lose this.

Now Worth is not house bound don’t get me wrong but his world is shrinking so they adapt, have a quieter Christmas but nonetheless they make plans and small adventures. Worth wants to spoil Gates on the shopping front so he gets excited by that.

But enough waffling on. Worth went to work but was tired in the afternoon and was home for a little after 3. He had a snooze and then The Elf turned up, happy, giddy full of the joys of a recent adventure in Amsterdam, while at the same time complaining about insomnia. It made Worth think of his own Amsterdam adventure with Gates. Antics on a plane, a train, a dinner cruise boat and so on, not to forget their ambivalence towards the red light district. Can you be a twee hedonistic Worth wondered?

Worth had rallied and had a bit more energy but a lot of hiccups. The evening passed very pleasantly with a chat and a natter around the dinner table. Worth enjoyed seeing The Elf, who by the way had swanned over to have a spa day on Friday with her Mum Gates.

So Groovy Word Of The Day: Chopsy.

Try to use it once or twice today in ordinary conversation but don’t worry if you don’t as I won’t get chopsy with you.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 325/366

Today Worth resumed an old chemo treatment he has had before. He was a little anxious but it all went well. The cannula was fitted with the minimum of fuss and he felt well throughout. Afterwards he was very tender by the cannula but instantly felt it had all done him a lot of good.

They were home for half three and tested their new groovy looking kettle which had arrived. They loved it.

Talking of “groovy” Worth and Gates have decided to bring back “Groovy Word Of The Day” for no other reason than they can and because today they felt groovy.

So, Groovy Word Of the Day for today is “Shebang.”

Try to use it twice today in ordinary conversation. It was picked to day because Gates asked the nurses if she is to give him the whole “shebang” regarding Worth’s tablets. The word shot round the four of us as we all felt like using that word.

The whole shebang?

Yep the whole shebang.

Yep the whole shebang.

The whole shebang it is then.

And that says Worth and Gates is how to live your life – The Whole Shebang!


The Antics Of Worth And Gates 308/366

A cut, light and a dream.

This morning Worth went for a much overdue haircut. It had grown very thick and was emphasising his new thinner face making him look even older than he is. Now with it thinned out his face looks a tad less thin and it’s easier to feel good if you look good so to speak.

After his haircut Worth returned home armed with some lights and ably assisted by Gates he fitted the new chandelier on the landing. It all went to plan and both of them are delighted with their choice and the end result. So far then a cut and some light!

While they were in Waitrose picking up the light bulbs, Worth also picked up a copy of GQ for some coffee time reading instead of browsing his iPhone. It also had a watch supplement and in there was his current dream watch The Cartier de Drive. In Worth’s opinion this is the finest watch to appear in 2016 and is right at the top of his dream list, which sadly is where it will remain. Still being a Pisces Worth loves to dream and he doubts if he will ever stop dreaming.

A successful day and Worth felt chuffed to be part of a great team as he and Gates helped each other on the DIY front where Gates has been outstanding over the last couple of months.

Promotion beckons for Gates this afternoon as Worth has decided to make Gates lead fitter on the second light fitting.