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Venice By Night


Venice is possibly the most photographed city in the world. It gets huge numbers of tourists all clicking away catching every vista and detail and in truth I am just another in the hordes of tourists. But if i don’t take the pictures then the memories will disappear and it is nice to look at pictures of Venice that are your own and your own memories. Not only is Venice beautiful by day but it demands to be photographed at night too. To be honest though, I go to these places as a visitor and tourist first and a photographer last, I don’t want my photographs to take over from the experience of just being there. The result is I get good snaps, rather than great photographs but i am happy with that, because I was there, I have lived, breathed, tasted and smelled Venice and that is the main thing. Anyway nonetheless, I hope you like my snaps of Venice by night.

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Venice’s Greatest Bookshop


While exploring Venice on a recent Summer holiday, we stumbled across a marvelous bookshop which had a sign outside boldly proclaiming it to be “The World’s Most Beautiful Bookshop”. Well it might be right. Inside it was wall to wall glorious chaos, which really made you feel like you could dive in and discover some wonderful and exciting book which up until that point you never knew you needed. It was fascinating and compulsive and you really could spend hours in there. At the back they had created a staircase out of old books which one of their cats had made home.







People of The Mille Miglia


We have been fortunate enough to be able to watch the famous Mille Miglia Road race in Italy back in May of this year. You can see more of this adventure by looking back through the blogs from our Mille Miglia and Dolomites Adventure category. You can also see more of our photos from the event on our sister website AutoBeast.  This event from a photographic viewpoint though, is a street event and a wonderful opportunity to get some great street photography and to capture some of the characters that make up this  wonderful and somewhat surreal event.


The Drivers were real characters, ranging from the wonderful Gallic caricature driving a Bugatti, through the suave Goodwood drivers in their well tested overalls, to the glorious goggle attired lady we see below.



It is not just the drivers though that make this event the occasion it is. There are people there promoting cars and goods or making a living having their photo taken with you, such as this pretty girl with her wooden car cut out.



And finally it is the characters in the crowd that also make the event so wonderful, such as the chap here keenly watching the rally cars drive by, or the young budding photographer here, who is almost as cute as the car she is leaning on.



There is no better weekend to be out on the streets of Brescia!