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Portraits – Cross Processed

Urban sickness half strength filter

I have added Perfect 8 to my list of Plug Ins on Aperture and i am rather pleased with it. A Google Nik alternative perhaps, as it applies lots of filters which you can then tweak to your taste. I think my current fad is to get a filmy look to my photos – almost as if they are stills lifted from a film. I guess as a phase it will pass – a bit like when you first discover HDR and you HDR everything to death – but for now I am happy to play and this look in my mind goes hand in hand with the ethos of the Fuji X series of cameras, so it is all good. Mostly candid but with a bit of subject participation thrown in – well if it is good enough for Brassai, then it is good enough for me. Continue reading

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Fuji X-E1 Portraits

One of the very obvious differences between our new Fuji X-E1 and our Canon 400D is the low light capabilities that it has, stemming from the high ISO settings that are available. This has enabled us to get some great photos, indoors at home and out and about at coffee shops and restaurants. Here are just a few to show you what it can do in indoor shooting situations.